Night Vision Security Camera


Nighttime offers some brightness from the moon, stars, and street lights, but only a night vision security camera can do without any light to capture a clear image. Infrared technology allows you the viewer to see 20 feet and more in complete darkness. This is possible because infrared lighting (illumination from a different area of the electromagnetic spectrum than we normally can see) is installed around the outside of the lens of the Infrared bullet camera. This “lighting” allows the unit to capture a good image in no light at all!


bullet camWith a little bit of light source the PC-201WC-DN night vision security camera can capture a picture that looks just like daytime. Businesses use infrared security cameras for secure rooms that have the lights out at night, or for outside nighttime viewing of the parking lots and entrances.
PC-201WC-DN night vision security camera is easy to install and has ultra high resolution (480 lines Sony Super HAD). Automatically switches from color to black & white below 3 Lux for excellent video in low light conditions (.001 lux). Unique digital slow shutter technology.