Nanny Cam


Nannies are unpredictable at best. But with a nanny cam, you can monitor your most precious assets discreetly to prevent loss and/or damage. Now you can install a simple, unobtrusive, hidden camera that will help you prevent theft should you need to allow any type of contractor in your home including housekeepers, painters, or babysitters. If you’ve ever been the victim of a robbery in your home, chances are you wished you had been using a nanny cam at the time to catch the thief in the act.

A Nanny Cam has many uses
Even if you don’t need to “spy” on anyone, a nanny cam has many other useful applications, such as seeing how your dog is doing while you’re not at home, checking in on a suspected spank-happy nanny, or occasionally looking in on elderly parents without having to bother them with a phone call.
We offer cameras so small they can be hidden in almost any object — clocks, ceiling tiles, plants, etc. — or you can purchase a fully functioning device, such as a boom box, which has the camera already hidden discretely inside. We carry a comprehensive line of nanny cams and other mini spy cameras, as well as time lapse VCRs and other surveillance systems. See our Hidden Cameras section.