Motion Security Camera
& VCR Components


Finally, a major break-though in motion security camera technology! Our new VMD chip (video motion detection) eliminates the need for a PIR detector to activate the VCR. This unit’s VMD chip scans the video image looking for a change in pixels. When movement is detected, the unit is activated for a predetermined period of time, then shuts off until movement is detected again.

The motion security camera VCR system works with any wired or wireless cam.


For a wired system: plug any wired video cam into the RCA jack on the back of the unit, and the system is ready to record. For a wireless system: plug the video receiver into the RCA jack on the back of the unit, and you’ve got a wireless motion security camera! Now you can record up to 10 hours of activity only when motion is detected. Just plug and play. We also sell a motion security camera that can be added to an existing alarm system!

cameraThe ST-103 is a fully functioning or non-functioning motion detector with a CCD Camera. Pivoting mounting bracket allows for ample room coverage. Will also control event recorder, alarm system, lamp, etc.