Smaller than You Think: Miniature Surveillance Camera


It’s shockingly tiny coming out of the box, but then you realize that’s exactly what you want. A miniature surveillance camera mounts just about anywhere you can supply power to it. Popularly called a “nanny cam,” these hidden wired or wireless units are especially advantageous when used to check in on the house while the homeowner is away. A covert miniature surveillance camera can be used virtually everywhere and is surprisingly affordable considering its high tech design.


A Miniature Surveillance Camera is Plug & Play

Small as a postage stamp or thumbnail (1.25" x 1.25"), the Mini Color Camera uses an IR coated crystal lens for better image and color quality. Easy to install and use, it features a pinhole lens that allows you to monitor through a tiny hole made in a wall, book, room object, or picture frame. All you need to do is plug the miniature surveillance camera into any TV, VCR or LCD Screen with AV input.



Mini Surveillance Cameras