Mini Wireless Video Camera
You can transmit live color pictures from a mini wireless video camera, with sound, directly to your TV or VCR. We carry a product line of high-quality, high-resolution units with exclusive features such as night vision, which will allow you to see objects in total darkness. In addition, these units are so small they can be placed almost anywhere and no one will suspect they are being watched.

It only takes a few minutes to set up a mini wireless video camera. Simply mount or place the camera at the location you wish to observe, and plug the receiver into your TV (or VCR) or personal computer via a USB port. This is a convenient way to keep an eye on your business, home, car, or garage. Don’t want to get up and answer the door? Switch your TV to receiver mode and see who’s at door —without getting up from your chair! You can keep an eye on the nursery as well, or use it as a nanny cam while you’re at work. Business owners can use a mini wireless video camera to monitor shops, offices or warehouses. Check out our competitive prices and let us know if you have any questions.