Mini Surveillance Camera
When you need to be discreet, a mini surveillance camera is the perfect solution. Whether you need it to work remotely up to 4 to 10 hours on a battery, or plug it in with a nearby power supply, these units are so small you can hide them almost anywhere. And since the transmitter will send a signal up to 1000 feet, its small size and high resolution is ideal for covert purposes. These are great for store managers who would like to observe cash register exchanges and how their employees deal with customers.
Your covert mini surveillance camera can be mounted anywhere. The units are easy to operated and require no complex installation — you just plug and play. The video will transmit color or black & white images directly to a dedicated receiver from the unit’s transmitter. Despite their tiny size, these units offer great range and top-end technology. So if you want a high quality mini surveillance camera at an affordable price, give us a call today at 1-888-412-0240