An Infrared Security Camera
Day/Night Unit


An infrared security camera is sometimes called a "Night Vision" camera because it can see at night. However, do not confuse this with "Day/Night" as these types of cameras do not have infrared lights built in. The image that infrared cameras capture is black and white - however some cameras will capture color images during the day when light is available and will automatically switch to black and white when illumination is low. Keep in mind that security cameras without infrared lighting will not capture an image with zero light.


Our new BT-169 Infrared security camera has 66 Infrared high Wired or Wireless Infrared Security Camerapowered LEDs. Weatherproof and rugged, this popular unit overcomes the problems of other IR cams which might not do well outdoors if the light reflects off the glass of the housing. Our solution is to offer you this high resolution unit that can see up to 150 feet in total darkness, delivering a crisp picture in black and white, yet also produce excellent color rendition in daylight hours. The BT-169 Infrared security camera truly offers the best of both worlds.