Home Surveillance System

Finally, there’s no longer a need for you to hassle with a complicated VCR and camera combo, now that you can own an affordable home surveillance system. While wireless cameras have the potential to transmit your images through the air and be picked up by anyone, you can now purchase a digital system that will be self-contained.


A wireless unit combining a high resolution color camera, motion activation, and the ability to record digital images, will be the foundation of your home surveillance system. And it’s easy to use: just touch the “Arm” button and walk away. The instant motion is detected in the room, the camera will began recording, up to 15 seconds after the motion ceases. Then, when you’re ready to review the images, simply remove the Digital card from the camera and playback the image on your PC or laptop. The card is reusable of course, so your home surveillance system will be cost-effective, and provide years of continuous use.