Complete Home Surveillance Equipment

It's fairly easy to set up a wired nanny cam and hook it up to your PC or VCR, and the same concept holds true for setting up a home surveillance equipment system with multiple cameras in different rooms, and even if you need to monitor outdoor areas such as pools and garages.  If you are the do-it-yourself type and prefer not to spend money on a professional security installer, then we have a complete system that’s just right for you.


Home Surveillance Equipment and Accessories

The Digital Video Surveillance System (ID: PKG-400-4) is a CCTV 4 channel (four camera) package that offers a complete security capabilities for monitoring your home, or employees at your shop or warehouse. It includes: 2 each of low light bullet and dome cameras; a 14” color monitor, a DVR (digital video recorder) and all the necessary cables and mounts. We also have wireless home surveillance equipment if a closed circuit system won’t work for your needs.