Installing the Home Surveillance Camera Yourself

Forget paying out big bucks to a security company. A home surveillance camera system makes more economic sense, especially now that more and more police departments are saying they will no longer respond to alarm calls from companies. In 2004, more than 62,000 alarm calls were sent to the Dallas police, of which 97 percent were false alarms caused by malfunctioning, weather or pets. An alternative to this failing system would be to install your own home surveillance camera set-up that protect your family and scares away an intruder.

Protect Your Family with a Home Surveillance Camera

Statistics reflect that homes without video surveillance security systems are two to three times more likely to be broken into (depending on the value of the home). An estimated 95% of home owners report that these systems are an effective deterrent to intruders and make them feel safer. And isn’t that exactly what you want a home surveillance camera system to do?