Prices Drop on Home Surveillance Camera

Most new home owners think about installing a home surveillance camera system but are confused by the maze of choices available. If you want protection for your possessions when no one's home, a basic system that monitors exterior doors and includes motion detectors for key areas inside your home, may be all you need. As prices drop and the availability of high quality home surveillance equipment expands, trend towards home protection will continue to increase. CCTV system sales alone are expected to reach $7 billion in the U.S. this year.


Infrared Technology a Reality on Home Surveillance Camera

As if dropping prices and smaller technology isn’t benefit enough, you can now get a low light outdoor bullet camera that is infrared, weatherproof, and is about the size of your palm. As a plug and play unit, you can quickly mount it, point it at the area you want to view, supply the power, and transmit the images to a receiver. The Infrared feature allows you to see up to 20 feet in complete darkness. You can also choose to install any number of mini wireless home surveillance camera units that can be hidden inside other household items such as plants, pictures, and so on.