A Home Security Surveillance System for the Do-It-Yourselfer

The growth in popularity for a standard or top-of-the-line home security surveillance system is due to the fact that the cost of installation and equipment had decreased significantly in the past decade. In 1990, a commercially-monitored home security system was out of reach of most homeowners. Today, with self-installation, the same unit costs far less and comes with more advanced technology. The best alternative to hiring a monitoring company is to install a professional home security surveillance system yourself, and save in the long run.


Insurance Rates Fall with a Home Security Surveillance System

A complete Digital Surveillance System for a home or business comes with a professionally designed 16-channel DVR and multiple high tech cameras. The DVR has WAN/LAN capability which means it is accessible to view through the Internet on any web browser, and requires NO client software purchase. (We also sell a 4-camera system, or individual components to build your own set-up.) Then save again! It's an added bonus that your insurance company will offer you a better rate on your homeowner’s insurance with proof that you’ve installed a home security surveillance system.