Deciding on a Home Security Surveillance Camera


Studies show that cameras deter crime. With that in mind, you can build a home security surveillance camera system simply and easily by breaking down the installation into two areas: the cameras and the recorder. For the camera, ask yourself a few questions: do you need to install them indoor, outdoor, or hidden; how many units; do need to run cable (a wired system) or do you want a cordless installation (wireless); and finally, by determining the size of the viewable area you want, you will be better able to select the proper lens type.


Now add the Recorder to the Home Security Surveillance Camera

The next step is deciding on the recording device: do you want a DVR, PC-DVR, or VHS? How many cameras will the recorder need to support? What kind of quality recording do you need? Do you need remote viewing capabilities? Motion detection recording? Take a look at a couple of complete home security video surveillance camera systems to get an idea of what a full set-up entails. You can purchase a pre-designed system or buy components and build from scratch.