Expand Your Reach and Get a Home Security Camera


You've installed the granite countertops, an outdoor fireplace, and the very best entertainment center, but have you thought about a home security camera system? If your home is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, and you’ve filled every room with gadgets and fine furnishings, why are you locking it with a $30 deadbolt and a 99 cent key? Now is the time to make the purchase of a home security camera and surveillance system a priority.

Home Security Cameras

 Add a Home Security Camera

Deadbolts, window locks, and floodlights were just a start. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced home security camera, we have many to choose from. You can even install motion detection and day/night low light units and hook them into your cable/sat TV system. Hear a noise or knock on the door? Hit the remote and your home security camera will show you a clear picture of the person outside. Our wired infrared bullet camera is our most affordable, high tech plug and play unit that comes with the IR technology to let you see up to 20 ft in the dark!