Should you Tell about the Hidden Surveillance Camera ?

Some homeowners choose to use a hidden surveillance camera so that visitors and contractors will not know of its existence. This can later lead to feelings of deception from the hired childcare provider or housekeeper. However, polls and studies suggest that these same care providers and other household workers don't have a problem with having their work or interaction with children video-taped — just that they want to be informed up front that there is a hidden surveillance camera in the room.


The Variety Available in a Hidden Surveillance Camera

So if you are determined to use a covert spy cam — whether you inform the nanny or not — you'll be pleased to know that there is a wide variety of home hidden surveillance camera models available today. Most of them can be purchased online for deep discounts compared to those found in specialty shops. In addition, numerous types of wired and wireless cameras are available and can be hidden just about anywhere in the house. Once installed, informing the nanny is up to you.