Have You Considered a
Hidden Security Camera?


There are many types of tiny wireless video cams for sale on the web, and we are proud to offer an expanded line of hidden security camera products. You’ll be amazed at the number of everyday room items that you never thought to hide a camera in including: books, clocks, radios, VCRs, smoke detectors, and so more. Are you shopping for an AM/FM radio? Our boom box is fully functional to as a radio and CD/cassette player – and it contains a hidden security camera. Just plug it in and the unit performs a dual purpose: tunes and covert surveillance!

You can buy either a hard-wired or wireless version of most any hidden security camera. We also have a number of very tiny wireless surveillance cams that can be hidden inside other household items such as plants, pictures, and so on. And best of all, the mini wireless hidden security camera has the receiver built right in. You don't need anything else!