Electronic Surveillance and Your Rights


Most spy camera customers use their miniature electronic surveillance cameras, motion detectors, and other equipment to protect their homes, and that use is absolutely allowed in the U.S. by the Fourth Amendment. Users are very much in the right to use hidden cameras and are protected by the courts. Far from the notions of stalking or prying, surveys have shown that fewer than 1% of electronic surveillance users, especially those who buy hidden cam systems, are making the purchase for the purpose of “spying.”


Electronic Surveillance in Small, Hidden Places

You may be wondering about the legality of using nanny cams. While presenting the photos and videos taken by means of electronic surveillance and used in court as evidence isn't always allowable, it is legal to use a hidden camera in your home anywhere in the U.S. (There are states where it is illegal to record audio, however.) Hidden cameras such as wall clocks, books, eyeglasses, beepers, and VCRs are popular items and among the most affordable for customers looking to purchase electronic surveillance items on a budget.