DVR Surveillance System


If you are still running your home security on an old analog-age unit, investing in a new DVR surveillance system offers a wealth of advantages. Digital systems are easy to use and offer instant, real time information that can be easily transmitted to a monitor, or streamed over the intranet. The new high tech digital devices have automatic recovery from power interruptions and are programmed for motion detection. Hook up multiple cameras and record onto an internal hard drive. A new DVR surveillance system easily exceeds the capabilities of old analog switchers, multiplexers and time-lapse VCRs.


Upgrade to a DVR Surveillance System

A 4 Channel Linux Embedded DVR is a non-PC based unit that replaces your old VCR. It has a hot exchangeable hard-drive storage and comes standard with 80GB of storage — which can be increased to 500GB. Images can be backed up on an SD card, or easily retrieved by applying various search criteria such as time, alarm, event or thumbnail. The DVR surveillance system is internet ready; no special client software is needed.

Digital Video Surveillance