DVR Surveillance

Maybe it’s time for you to upgrade from an old analog system to a new DVR surveillance system that offers amazing clarity and detail in recorded images. A digital video recorder has become a welcome upgrade from the old VCR systems, and they are just as easy to use! The high-resolution video stream combines all the benefits of digital recording using a highly efficient compression technology with a result that puts the latest DVR surveillance systems head-and-shoulders above the VCR technology, making it the best choice for security

When considering a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) for surveillance, keep in mind that we can custom build your PC-based DVR to your specifications. From a small unit to a multi-plex system, you digital video system will allow you to view instant, real time information. Our line of surveillance products allows you peace of mind in selecting only the DVR surveillance system you need, one that will be most effective to your business.