More Reasons for a Discount Security Camera


If you think about it from a home safety standpoint, it makes more sense to be obvious about surveillance. Using a mounted and fully visible discount security camera, rather than using an expensive hidden cam, can prevent crimes. Sure, you can watch several hours of recorded video tape after a thief has run off with your stuff, but it’s a greater deterrent if a potential thief can see and know that a security camera is present and watching the premises. There’s no way he can know if the discount security camera is sending images to a recorder — or is sending a live feed.


bullet camA Discount Security Camera Means Inexpensive

Take for example, an Infrared Bullet Camera. This is an incredible value for a wired discount security camera (less than $140 bucks!) that’s waterproof and comes with Infrared technology which allows you the owner to see up to 20 feet in complete darkness. With 60ft of cable supplied, you can mount it most anywhere on your premises to prominently show a would-be burglar that you have a high-tech surveillance system installed – even if it’s just a discount security camera.