Digital Video Surveillance Equipment is a Better Option


When it comes to your family’s security, or safeguarding your business, why trust outdated technology? With lower prices and better technology, now is the time to upgrade to digital video surveillance by utilizing a DVR as the primary component. In short, a DVR system uses the same camera and structures for cabling as the older CCTV analog systems, but the old VCR and tape-cassette are replaced with digital storage in the DVR. The data is converted to digital and stored on hard disks, but the quality of the images captured remains analog since this is how it originated.


Digital Video Surveillance is High Quality

If you need a non-PC based unit, such as our 4 Channel Linux Embedded DVR, you’ll have the capability to store 80GB (standard) that can be expanded to store 500GB on the hard drive. Since no client software needs to be purchased or installed, you can easily view the high resolution images through a standard web browser right over the Internet. With this affordable top-of-the-line technology now available, you should consider upgrading to DVR

4 Channel Linux Embedded DVR digital video surveillance equipment for your business or home.