Digital Surveillance System


Get the technology that automatically senses an intruder and takes his picture! The Cyber Eye Photo Digital Surveillance system can be installed in minutes and will be ready to digitally record up to 680 images in its own built-in memory. It’s infrared-ready, meaning it can be used at night, in total darkness, and will record an amazingly clear picture. The Digital Surveillance System will automatically add a time and date stamp to each picture so you’ll know exactly when the image was recorded.


Later you can view the images stored on your Digital Surveillance System just by plugging it into your TV/VCR. Images are stored in non-volatile memory, so you won't accidentally lose them during a power outage or when you unplug the unit. We offer a variety of spy equipment at affordable rates if you need to set up your own spy cams. These products are easy to install and use and are great for home or store security. The Cyber Eye Digital Surveillance System comes with 2 remote controls, a power adapter, and a video cable. Just add the TV monitor and you’re ready for clear picture viewing!