Covert Video Surveillance
Not all buyers of covert video surveillance devices have a need to spy on Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camerasthe nanny or the neighbors, many people simply purchase these produces when they need a way to discover how unwanted critters are getting in the house. Or they own a business and want to mount a camera over the store’s front door so they can work in the store room and still be alerted when a customer enters.

Businesses are increasingly using covert video surveillance to for the duel purpose of protect property from theft or fraud, and for recording assets for insurance purposes. “Spy” equipment can include
camerarecording devices, phone conversation recorders, room and car transmitters and receivers. We sell top quality digital recording systems with multi-channel configurations recording up to 480 frames per second! Contact us if you have questions regarding your needs for covert audio or video surveillance products. See our Hidden Cameras