Covert Surveillance Equipment

multiplexerThis expanding field is no longer limited to the imagination of James Bond wannabes. Covert surveillance equipment including Video cameras and recording devices are being hidden in backpacks, plants, briefcases, picture frames, fully functioning boom boxes, and just about any casual object lying around. The desire to protect our property and personal space — an increasing concern for all citizens — is motivating consumers to research covert surveillance equipment.

Homeowners can now install motion detectors that turn on a hidden video camera when a person enters a room or vehicle, record virtually all activity, and save it to memory for later viewing. The cameras are small, lightweight and very discrete! And it’s not just for covert surveillance alone; the equipment is being sought by a number of employers who see an increasing need to monitor internet connections. If your company would like to ensure productivity and quality control, you should consider using covert surveillance equipment in your workplace.
covertNo one will ever suspect this ordinary book is truly the state of art in surveillance equipment. We built the camera, transmitter & battery inside the book. Just plug in the battery and unit is operational (wireless version). Hidden Camera Book