A Do-it-Yourself
Color Board Camera



A burglar won’t be able to discover the mini color board camera due to its small size and you’ll have the pleasure of security as well as easy installation. This black & white pinhole unit is the perfect product if you need a mini spy cam. It's 5mm wide angle cone pinhole lens comes in a color board camera model (BD-130WC) or black & white X-Vision (BD-130W-X). The latter has a low lux rating of .003, which means it can view subjects in almost complete darkness. This camera is ideal for covert use when placed in ordinary objects or props.

 Mini Color Camera

A Hidden Color Board Camera may be the Right Choice for You!

Covert cameras have become more and more popular in recent years. Some of this sudden popularity is due as a result of some highly publicized cases of child abuse by babysitters that has been uncovered by the use of nanny cams. Other reasons might be related to the lowering cost of manufacturing such cameras, which has made them more affordable in the market. In many applications, a color board camera is used as stand alone units connected directly to a security time lapse recorder or digital video recorder (DVR), and they can also be very effective in enhancing a video security system.