A Cheap Surveillance Camera
Can Be Hidden Anywhere!


On this website you’ll find that we sell unique everyday household items embedded with a cheap surveillance camera. And by that we mean “inexpensive” — not poor quality. You can purchase fully-functioning clocks, radios, smoke detectors, books, glasses and more, each with its own secret camera. All of these items look so normal that no one will be able to tell they contain a cheap surveillance camera. We also sell pinhole board and tiny wireless cams that can be hidden anywhere, and will transmit up to 1,000 feet.

Assaults, home break-ins, and property vandalism affects millions of homeowners every year. A cheap surveillance camera system can be your safeguard against intruders or other lawbreakers. Are you worried your children might be involved in activities you don’t approve of? Are you a working parent with kids who have to stay at home with a nanny during the day? Hidden cameras are your solution to finding out all the information you need. Our website features a line of spycams that can be used to keep watch on how well your children are being taken care of. A cheap surveillance camera is a great way for you to get peace of mind and reassurance that your children are safe.