Cheap Spy Equipment
that is Ready When You Are


We specialize in high quality, easy to install hidden camera surveillance systems at affordable prices — what you might call “cheap spy equipment.” But don’t let the low prices fool you, these high quality covert hidden cameras can be used effectively to ensure the safety of your family and business assets. From miniature covert cams hidden inside of clocks, smoke detectors, radios, etc., to complete full-system surveillance outfits, we have the cheap spy equipment to fit your needs.


Whether you need simple portable units, or a more advanced home system, cheap spy equipment comes plug and play ready and buyers find them to be easy to use. Plug any of our hidden cameras into your VCR and you have a quality concealed video surveillance system. We offer professional grade hidden cameras and law enforcement grade hidden camera systems, as well as Digital Video Recorders (DVR) which allows for continuous high quality digital recording for days and weeks at a time.  Cheap spy equipment works day or night, ready to observe and record when you are, and even when you’re not.


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