Go High Tech with a
Cheap Security Camera

If you can screw in a light bulb, we’ll bet you can install this system yourself! All you need is a place to plug in for power, a TV, and a cheap security camera. Within minutes, you can install a live motion, video surveillance system with a few tools and your imagination. Our mini dome cameras are ready to install for indoor or outdoor applications where vandalism may occur, color is a must, and poor lighting conditions exist. These models are found to be cheap security camera systems that deliver a lot, and cost far less than a CCTV outfit. The unit is plug-and-play ready, and easy to install on a wall or ceil.


Another choice in a cheap security camera is a simple webcam that consists of a digital camera attached directly to your computer. Cameras like these have dropped to around $100 and they are easy to connect through a USB port, VCR or TV. Need time-lapse recording? A piece of software connects to the camera and grabs a frame from it periodically, say once every 30 seconds. The software then turns that image into a normal JPG file and uploads it to your home computer. Now even with a cheap security camera, you can go high tech with your surveillance needs!