A CCTV System
with Your Home Computer


A security CCTV system installed in your home allows you to keep an eye on your children or elderly parents when they're with a caregiver. A closed-circuit television set-up will give you complete surveillance capabilities for monitoring your home, or employees at your shop or warehouse. A full outfit includes a camera, transmitter, receiver and color monitor, and most any CCTV system can be expanded to receive signals from multiple cameras.


Have you considered installing PC based video surveillance? Your home computer is such a workhorse, why not make it part of your covert surveillance equipment and hook it up to your CCTV system! Using a webcam, you can monitor your home from any where in the world, right over the Internet. Your computer can be an integrated part of your security system: just use any webcam, wireless, or hidden camera, and attach the device to the computer’s USB port. You can monitor your property and assets without anyone knowing you’ve installed a CCTV system!