CCTV Surveillance System


Used by employers to tape suspected employee or customer theft, a CCTV surveillance system has long proved to be a valued business expense. The technology has been determined to be perfectly legal and the business owners justified in using such security methods. Even more, safety issues have been implemented as management can easily identify and correct potentially hazardous situations, thereby preventing on-the-job accidents. Businesses and stores have long boasted about the advantages of having a CCTV surveillance system installed.



Homeowners Advantage: CCTV Surveillance System

Private property owners are also installing CCTV surveillance systems in record numbers. New security gadgets increase the "scare-the-crooks ratio," while lowering the "cost-to-homeowners ratio." There’s no need to paying high monthly rates to a large monitoring company, when you can do it yourself for a lot less. A CCTV surveillance system with your home computer can give you complete monitoring capabilities from anywhere in the world.