Use CCTV Equipment for Home our Business Security


Outdoor motion lights, exit signs, boom boxes, wired hidden cameras in plants — all of these devices can become an integral part of a home CCTV equipment security system. Not just limited to bulky security cams mounted on pole, the term “closed circuit” can mean any type of wired camera delivering secure images directly to a monitor or PC. With the appropriate software, you can even broadcast the images live, right on the internet. The possibilities for CCTV equipment applied to your home security system are only limited by your imagination.

 Home Security Cameras

Install CCTV Equipment Yourself

With the new designs in wired plug and play devices, it’s simple to connect one camera, or several, to a single DVR or TV/VCR monitor. Build your own CCTV equipment with components such as a DVR (digital video recorder) which generally comes with 4, 8, 16, or 32 camera inputs and allows you to split the screen to view all of the images at once, or switch to view each zone one at a time. All cameras, lenses, recording devices, and accessories that make up a CCTV equipment system are easy to install and affordable to virtually all homeowners.