No More Grainy Images with a CCTV Digital Video Recorder


A DVR is a buyer’s best option for recording and storing images from multiple security cameras. A CCTV digital video recorder gives sophisticated digital-quality recording — no more grainy, grey screen images where you can't make out details, and you don’t have to change video tapes like VCRs require. Plus, a DVR makes it easy to locate video clips search by hour, date, etc., allow the user to record on motion very easily, without installing additional hardware. A CCTV digital video recorder also allows for viewing live or previously recorded video feed remotely 


Multiple Channel Capabilities: CCTV Digital Video Recorder

A Non PC Based Video Surveillance system is a custom built CCTV Digital Video Recorder that comes in 4, 8 or 16 channel configurations. Standard unit is 120 frames per second (fps) that can be upgraded to 240 fps / 480 fps. Motion activated recording will save time for data retrieval and an alarm system even emails snapshots! You can use a CCTV digital video recorder to multicast a live feed right over the internet from your personal computer.

Digital Video Security RecorderDVR
This feature rich, top of the line, Non PC-Based (linux embedded) unit combines video multiplexing with digital video recording. Uses push-button controls, so no computer or mouse is necessary. Standard 80GB hard drive, can build up to 800GB.