CCTV Camera Security System for Small Business


As a business owner, you may be mulling over the idea of purchasing a CCTV camera security system for your shop or store. According to the Business Examiner: "The national Association of Certified Fraud Examiners estimates that U.S. organizations lose more than $400 Billion a year to occupational fraud and abuse. A few taps on a calculator breaks that down to $9 in fraud a day for every one of almost 125 million employees in the American workforce.” Your small business can avoid becoming part of this statistic with the installation of a CCTV camera security system.


What More Reason Do you Need to Set up a CCTV Camera Security System?

Easy to set up, a low-cost wireless CCTV camera security system (for monitoring and recording) will also save you money and give your flexibility. Choose from outdoor / indoor cameras, spy cams, monitors & pc-based system deals. To view or record your surveillance footage from your series of cameras, connect them to a TV, VCR or PC. That’s it! Your CCTV camera security system is designed for do-it-yourself small business owners just like you!