CCTV Camera
With Special Features


Studies show that crime levels can be reduced by 70% in retail stores and commercial businesses where a CCTV camera can be prominently seen. The closed circuit technology allows you to receive a live feed for constant monitoring, or switch to motion-detection when the store is closed. With the latter set-up, the system records and stores images only when motion is detected in front of the lens, and that keeps you from storing hours of video where nothing happens. Motion detection is a great advantage and it’s just one feature available when you invest in a CCTV camera security system.


cameraThis is the ultimate CCTV Camera for installations when only the best quality will do. Built-in X-Vision; (.09 Lux) ultra-low light, line lock; auto iris; back light compensation, high res and full control panel. PC-199 Click Here


You may have need of other special CCTV camera functions. Need to monitor a parking lot or rear entrance? Our Infrared Day / Night Color high resolution cameras can see up to 20 feet with no light at all!  The level of light required to capture a good picture is referred to as a camera's “lux” and the lower the lux the better the camera can see in the dark. (For example a camera with an ultra low 0.009 lux captures a better view than one with 0.1 lux.)  Check out these units and call us if you need to discuss any questions before purchasing a CCTV camera and accessories.