Why Choose a CCD Wireless Camera ?


The main argument in favor of buying a CCD wireless camera is that you are taking advantage of the best technology available today for digital video transmitting. CCD (charge-coupled device) chips are more sensitive to light than CMOS (complimentary metal-oxide semiconductor) chips, so you can get noticeably better images in dim lighting. CCD chips also tend to deliver cleaner images than CMOS chips, which sometimes have a problem with “noise” — small defects in the image. For that reason, most security cam owners choose to use a CCD wireless camera as the workhorse of their home surveillance system.


Distortion-less CCD Wireless Camera

CCDs use a special manufacturing process to create the ability to transport a charge across a computer chip without distortion. This process leads to very high-quality sensors in terms of fidelity and light sensitivity. Cameras using CMOS chips, on the other hand, are made using the same processes used to make most microprocessors, but the CMOS sensors traditionally have lower quality, resolution and sensitivity. A CCD wireless camera will deliver higher-quality images with lots of pixels and excellent light sensitivity — making it the best choice for your home security needs.