Curb Employee Theft with a Business Security Camera

Employee theft is the predominant source of shrinkage in business revenues, accounting for almost fifty per cent of the total losses. That’s where a business security camera can be an excellent investment. Losses to businesses in the US due to crime have reached the $200 billion level annually. Sadly, a high percentage of such losses are attributed to employee theft.


Fight Back with a Business Security Camera

All our digital video surveillance systems are designed to cover all your needs. Everything is supplied: camera body, lens, mounting bracket, connectors, cable and even screws and raw plugs! A CCTV business security camera can be connected directly to a CCTV monitor or television, VCR, DVR, or computer to allow you to record or monitor. In addition, all of the CCTV systems are easy to install and use. Statistics don’t lie: if you have problems with employee theft, mount a business security camera at your cash registers and above store rooms, and the system will pay for itself within the first year or two.