Bullet Security Camera
The most popular and widely used design on the market today is the bullet security camera. With its long, cylinder-shaped lens (it looks like a bullet), the casing is weather resistant so the camera can be used indoors or outdoors, and in some cases, even under water. A bullet security camera will typically feature a fixed or varifocal lens that allows you to make out facial features as far away as 35 feet, and provides a wide angle of view.

bullet cameraLow Light, Outdoor, Excellent high resolution, weatherproof, Available in color or black & white.
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bullet cameraDay/Night This bullet has a high quality digital CCD that automatically switches from color to black & white in low light conditions. To enhance low light visibility it has built-in 12 high infrared illuminators. Fully weatherproof. Available wired or wireless. Click Here

For areas with low light conditions, a bullet security camera is the perfect solution. Our wired and wireless infrared units come with pre-focused lens, (3.6mm standard), that let you see up to 20 feet — even in complete darkness! Top end models offer high quality digital CCD that will switch from color in daylight conditions to black & white in low light. Comes with the mounting hardware and is easy to install.