The Bullet Camera
The term comes from the fact that the tubular lens resembles a rifle bullet or an ammo cartridge. We have several styles of high quality bullet cameras that are capable of recording images in color (best for daytime lighting conditions) then switch to black & white during nighttime or low-light conditions.

bullet cameraFurthermore, one of the advantages of of our BT-169WC-AV-DN Bullet Camera is it's infrared spectrum LEDs, which allows for monitoring an area in complete darkness.

Each bullet camera we sell is easy to install and they are a great choice for residential and small business properties that require surveillance of an area of about 25ft (with standard 3.6mm lens).

Need an underwater camera that can withstand water pressure at 100 feet, and can capture images up to 20 feet away, with virtually no light available? We have it, and many other units that are rugged and weatherproof for outdoor use. Click Bullet Cameras for more information.