Pinhole Board Cameras
These board cameras are great for making your own hidden camera system.  These cameras are high quality and will fit the needs of most consumers.  Both CCD and CMOS technology are represented here.
multiplexerBoard Camera
Flat Lens-
This flat lens board camera has a 3.6mm wide angle pinhole lens. 1.25"x 1.25"
multiplexerCone Lens Board Camera
This cone lens board camera has a 5mm wide angle pinhole lens. 1.25"x 1.25"
multiplexerMini Color Camera
Ultra small easy-to-connect camera. Great quality. Rugged metal enclosure. Unlike most pinhole cameras in the industry; we use an IR-coated crystal lens for realistic colors and better image quality.
Black & White Ultra Mini Camera
quadCMOS Camera
High Resolution
The world's smallest video camera. High resolution .5'' x .5'' CMOS camera. Finally CMOS technology that virtually matches CCD quality at half the size. Plastic ABS enclosure.