Board Camera Digital Units



With the ability to see through a hole measuring no more than 1/8" diameter, a board camera digital unit is ideal for covert operations. You can conceal them inside of an object to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your property. It hooks up directly any TV or VCR, and comes with all you need to just plug and play. Many of these types of cameras even have self-adjusting electronic eyes for various lighting situations. Now you can create your own mini spy camera armed with a special pinhole board camera digital image.


Books and radios are everywhere and never look out of place, that’s why we have decided to carry products such as these high quality board camera digital units that can be concealed virtually anywhere. An extremely low LUX rating makes this camera ideal for low light applications, for example, our pinhole camera has a low lux rating of 0.05 which means it can almost see in the dark. Measuring just 1.25" x 1.25", this model has a flat 3.6mm wide lens. The camera system needs just a 12v power supply and can transmit live images to the supplied remote receiver. Real time images and sound can then be recorded on a standard VCR or Digital Video Recorder from atiny board camera digital unit!