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 The "Bull" Stun Gun
975,000 Volts -Firefly

The “Bull” packs a whopping 975,000 volts of stopping power into a very compact and ergonomic design, but that is where its gentle demeanor ends


The Bull Stun Gun Stun Gun


975kv of stopping power.
A built in super bright LED flashlight.
Built in safety switch.
Power “on” LED.
Separate buttons for LED light and stun function.


Custom fit holster with belt clip.
Ergonomic design.
Compact Size, Lightweight.
Lifetime Warranty

The “Bull” is the world’s newest, most advanced and stylish electronic stun gun. One touch from this stun gun and the bad guy will wish he had never crossed your path. The “bull” will incapacitate the attacker by sending huge amounts of electrical noise into his muscles rendering him incapable of controlling his muscle group.
Attacker compliance is achieved because he will not be able to fight back. His goal now is to get away and escape from you.
The “Bull” is black with silver accents which gives it a distinctive appearance. And is one more reason why it cannot be compared to any other Stun Gun.

It is compact design means it can fit easily in your pocket or purse.

The “bull” also comes with a custom fit holster with attached belt clip for open or concealed carry.

The super bright LED flashlight can be used to blind your attacker and allowing you more time to react or
    escape. Or simply use it to find your way in the dark.

Size: 4 ½”L x 2”W x ¾”D and weighs 7.1 ounces. Requires (2) CR-123 Lithium Ion batteries, not

Similar technology used in the “Bull” stun gun has been in use for years in military, law enforcement and civilian defensive tools. The most notable of these devices being is the TASER®. The “Bull” is simple to use and easy to understand. Not to mention it looks cool and there is no other product on the market that comes close to the menacing look of the “bull”.

 Stun Gun The "Bull" 975k is Discontinued

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