When the Stun Master developed the SM-625 all other stun guns became obsolete. It's incredible power combined with new, patent pending Phase Induction Technology (PTI), makes the 625,000 volt stun gun the flagship of all professional stun devices. It truly is the most powerful stun device in the world.  Affectionately referred to as the "Stun Master," the quality and workmanship of this stun gun needs to be seen to be believed. One Year Warranty...Return it to us for an immediate replacement.

A Freighting Display Of Power
The SM-625 Stun Monster Stun Gun truly puts on a freighting display of power. Cranking this bad boy will intimidate any one since it crackles and pops like bull whip.
To top it off you'll receive a beautiful thick leather holster at no extra cost with your stun gun. The holster loops to your belt and the flap is attached with Velcro. I was almost as impressed with the holster as I was the SM-625 Stun Gun. 
• 625,000 volts
• Take Down: 1/2 a second
• FREE Holster Included
• Safety Switch
• Wrist Strap
Lifetime Warranty Against Defects
Pro-Rated Law For Enforcement

  A Stun Gun With 1/4 Inch Prongs To withstand The Immense Power

The Stun Master 625,000 truly puts out a frightening display of power. It's so powerful that it takes 3-9 volt batteries. Even the prongs are 1/4 inch in diameter to withstand and transfer the immense power, yet the SM-625 Stun Gun is totally non-lethal and will cause no injuries to your attacker.

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SM-625 Stun Gun

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