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Flashlight Stun Gun

Made of fiberglass reinforced plastic this handy multi-purpose Flashlight Stun Gun belongs in the glove box of your family car. This favorite among security guards is also a favorite among families. The device combines 3 tools to aid in your protection. First it is a Flashlight that will light your way. Second it is a stun gun. Third, it  has a loud 130 decibel personal alarm. Finally this ordinary looking device will defend you with 200,000 volts of stunning power.

The Flashlight Stun Gun is great protection for guarding against any attacking dogs while jogging or walking your own dog. This is due to its extended reach and power. For those of you who want protection in your hands at all times and still want to remain totally inconspicuous, the Flashlight Stun Gun is the way to go. Your neighbors will think that you are simply carrying a simple flashlight! Comes in two models the FL-SM is  8 inches long and the FL-LG is 16.5 inches long.