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Streetwise Blackout Stun Rod Rechargeable
1.5 Million Volts


The Stun Rod is the strongest stun pen available on the market. The six and one-quarter inch by one inch thick stun rod is easy to conceal and handle. It has 2 bright LED lights to serve as a flashlight for nighttime safety.  A safety switch and disable pin (an optional feature pin is also included) prevents accidental discharge.  The unit is rechargeable and comes with a wall adapter for charging and a charging indicator to let you know when the battery is fully charged.  The molded, rubberized finger grips and trigger placement makes this stun gun very easy to grip and operate. A nylon holster with belt loop rounds out this great new product. The SR1500RB comes with a lifetime limited warranty

Streetwise Blackout Stun Rod 1500000* Rechargeable
Built-in 2 LED lights Safety Switch and Disable Pin
Wall Adapter Holster with Belt Loop Rounds
Life time warranty
Streetwise Blackout Stun Rod Rechargeable 1.5 Million Volts
Item # SR1500RB

Your Price $ 69.99

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