Our Smallest Stun Gun

Zap some one with our T-M80 Mini Stun Gun for 1 second and they will become disoriented, confused and start to loose there balance. Zap them for 2 or 3 seconds (they will be paralyzed while you are stunning them) and it will disrupts the signal from the brain to the muscles, causing the assailant to drop...trying to remember how to move his arms and legs.

The Mini Stun Gun by Talon is our smallest stun gun and ideal for female self defense.
Simply touch an attacker's skin or clothes to deliver a  reliable electric punch.

Don't be fooled by cheap out-of-date stun gun technology! Get the very best! The Talon Mini our smallest stun gun, uses the new, patent pending Phase Induction technology, the latest technology for stun guns. 

  • Only 4" tall

  • Uses One 9 volt Battery

  • 80,000 Volts

  • Life Time Warranty

  • Phase Induction technology

Our Smallest Stun Gun Is Very Reliable. 

PersonalArms Price
19.95 ea.
Talon Mini Our Smallest Stun Gun

Things Have Changed. Please see  Runt Stun Gun and The Hot Shot


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GUARANTEED FOR LIFE Just send it back to us. . .