About Dog Pepper Spray by Mace

Mace Muzzle is made with pepper based solution that has a shelf life of up to 3 years. A small can will fit on your belt or keychain for quick accessibility, and contain enough spray for 10 or more 1-second bursts. When sprayed toward a dog’s nose, eyes, or mouth, the formula will take effect within seconds and stop any canine in its tracks. The dog will roll on the ground and attempt to rub its eyes or mouth, giving you enough time to leave the area. Dog pepper spray is humane and the irritation usually wears off in a few minutes, leaving the dog unharmed and you protected.

Protect yourself quickly and effectively from vicious dogs by carrying an EPA-approved dog pepper spray when you’re out jogging, cycling, or even walking your own dog. If you’ve ever been surprised on your neighborhood streets by an aggressive dog with lips pulled back and teeth barred, you’ve probably wished you had some sort of protection with you. By carrying a dog pepper spray especially designed for canines, you’ll arm yourself with an effective non-lethal means of self-defense.

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