Self Defense  
Violent crime is out of control because too many people don't want to think about it. They will not prepare for their own self defense, and gamble that they won't be one of the 14,000 victims hurt or killed in America every day. Five out of six Americans will be victims of violent crime during their lifetime.
Waking The Tiger Within is 128 pages, plus 32 pages of sharp, related illustrations that describes simply with fresh, unapologetic vigor how to become aware, of the power within yourself and use it for you own Self Defense.

The author Scott Flint is a 5th degree Black Belt, holds the title of master instructor, has taught over 3000 students during 23 years, learned from experience exactly what women, men, and children must know to defend themselves in all environments.

There are a lot of books on self defense out there. Most teach techniques. This is well and good, but not everyone is going to take the time to learn the techniques or develop the necessary skills. Waking The Tiger Within teaches pure instinct when it comes to your own defense.






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