Security Awareness And Response

 The key to security awareness and response is focus

It's more than simply being aware that you could be attacked. It's realizing you need to take steps to protect yourself. It's not developing all your time looking out for potential threats. Developing security awareness and response, is learning when to heighten your sensitivity to your surroundings.

The key to security awareness and response is focus. As we go through our daily lives we all tend to focus on the important things of the moment. Developing security awareness is nothing more than learning when to focus on our own safety. for example, when you've lust left a restaurant with a date your focus may be on the good time you've had, enjoying the company of your date, or anticipating the rest of the even mg. This is the way we normally do things. The problem is that in our increasingly violent surroundings, it makes us much more vulnerable to surprise attacks by the various predators found on today's streets.

Learn to think consciously about security awareness

Developing real time security awareness is nothing more than learning to focus on our safety at those times when we are even slightly vulnerable. Usually it's when we're walking alone, jogging alone, or doing anything that isolates us. Learn to think consciously about your personal safety when you're isolated - even briefly -and get used to concentrating on what and who is around you; on potential threats. As you can see, this is not something you have to do all the time, lust when you're alone and isolated.

A typical scenario is the walk from the shopping mall to the car. If, in the past, you concentrated on your packages and finding your car; now concentrate on who's around you as you leave the mall. Did anybody follow you out? Turn around and look. Is there someone, or two or three people, hanging around the entrance as you leave. Do they follow you? Is there anyone in the area of your car, or sitting in a car near yours. These situations present potential threats you must be aware of.

The most natural thing for us to do is "mind our own business." We all tend to avoid eye contact. None of us wants to be accused of staring at someone. It's not polite. And yet that's exactly what you must learn to do. Force yourself if you have to. Look at people around you. See what's going on. How many are there? How close are they? In what direction are they moving? Are you vulnerable? Are you isolated? Are you a likely target? Is there anyone behind you?

All too often personal attacks take place as a complete surprise to the victim. In some circumstances that's unavoidable, such as an assailant jumping out from a hiding place. But in too many instances victims are surprised because they don't perceive the risks around them or their own vulnerability. The victim usually says something like, "They came from nowhere." No they didn't! The assailants came from somewhere, the victim just didn't see where. Force yourself to look, and to see!

From security awareness and response to defense

How do you know when you're being assaulted? When do switch from being aware and careful to being defensive and bringing the defense spray out? There are three criteria or thresholds; distance, verbal assault, and physical assault. (The term assault is not being used in a legal sense here.) If any one of the three criteria or thresholds are realized, don't hesitate, use your defense spray! If you're wrong you can apologize later. If you're right, you just might save your life! If this sounds a bit like "shoot first and ask questions later," it is. It may be a sad commentary on our modern society, but it's also the harsh reality of the world we must live and survive in.