Candle Safe


A candle safe is unlike other hidden safes on the market because it is also designed to look just like a functional burning candle. Except for the metal storage compartment, it is made of 100% candle wax and can actually be burned for up to 20 hours! What thief (or snoopy roommate) would think to inspect a used candle for a hidden compartment? A decorative pillar candle safe sitting in plain site on a bookshelf or in the middle of a table fools even the most experienced burglar.

The candle safe has a concealed compartment that is large enough to keep cash and other valuables. The base of the unit opens by a threaded insert (it’s covered by an authentic bottom label). The candle itself measures 4” in diameter and 5 ” tall. You can use it anywhere in your house or RV, and no one will suspect your candle contains your secret stash! Colors are green and burgundy, with a premium fossil finish. (Our choice) Weight: 2 lbs.

Price $28.95 ea.
Candle Safe


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