Phone Recorder / Room

A true wire tap, the  The PR-12 Professional Phone Recorder / Room  records up to 12 hours of high quality phone surveillance or room conversations with out flipping the tape. This high tech phone recorder/room is voice activated which means it will record 12 hours of actual talk time  with no silence in between. When sound is detected, it begins recording. Since it only records when sound is detected, the tape lasts a long time. This makes it ideal for discreet recording in covert surveillance applications. Just plant it and go! Voice/voltage activated system. 
The SONY Professional Phone & Room Recorder is very simple to install.  It can tape all phone calls or room conversation automatically for accurate records of sales, orders and conversations. 

Records 12 hours of actual talk time (Auto-Reverse, no need to flip the tape)

This Sony is the easiest phone recorder / room recorder to use on the market. 

  Offer does not include tape or battery

Phone & Room Recorder

Item No. PR-12

Our Price $228.99

Please see our 10 Hour Model

The PR-12 Professional

Records both sides of the conversation and records all extensions on line. 
AC/DC operated. The PR-12 is a complete voice recording system.